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Christians In Action Virtual Trade Shows


 As of February 26-27, 2022 the Christians In Action Trade Show (CIATS) will translate exhibit halls, conferences, educational seminars, training sessions, Job Fairs and concerts into a Virtual World Environment.  The Christians In Action Trade Show is currently celebrating 26 years in the Trade Show Industry and attracts hundreds of exhibits and thousands of participants to its yearly shows.

The Christians In Action Trade Show is a Business Expo that brings together hundreds of businesses, entrepreneurs and ministries to network and promote their goods and services.  The event is a great networking experience, packed with a lot of information on Industry Trends, Sales & Marketing Strategies and Innovative ideas to motivate the participants. 

The Virtual show will allow participants to forgo the time and expense of travel and extensive trade show planning while enjoying some of the amenities of a traditional trade show.  At the CIATS Virtual Show there will be realistic-looking 3-D exhibit halls that will give attendees an opportunity to browse exhibitor booths, engage in a discussion with a booth representative and collect information, view live or prerecorded educational presentations, visit the Resource center and browse white papers, podcasts and demos. The show will be equipped with a Communications center with professional networking activities including scheduled discussions, message boards, forums, message center to send/receive messages and group chat.  There will also be Job Fairs, concerts and a Prize center.


CIATS provides a cost-effective way to promote your goods and services.  The high volume of traffic expected at the show guarantees that your booth will be seen by hundreds of potential clients. This will be a great solution for the Down Economy and greater return on investment.  Participants will be able to save travel expenses, reach an international audience and increase participation from younger professionals.

  1. Trade Shows are among the most important marketing tools both nationally and internationally.
  2. Virtual Trade Show attract a wider audience – the world is your audience
  3. You can engage your visitors one-on-one at your booth via chat(text, voice or webcam) host a group chat session, provide information via pre-recorded presentations.
  4. Being online customers are exposed to the opportunities that your business offers irrespective of their geographic location or busy schedule.
  5. Powerful event registration, reporting and analytics- You can view details of show performance and attendee activities
  6. For many companies, trade shows are an essential part of the marketing mix. In only a few days, they provide advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and personal sales. It brings sincere buyers and sellers together helping match a company’s products with an end-user’s specific needs.
  7.  54% of all qualified leads gathered at Trade Shows are converted into sales
  8. Great networking opportunities.
  9. Return –on-investment is lasting
  10. It’s actually a very cost-effective method of doing business. According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), it costs 22% less to contact a potential buyer at a show than it does through traditional field sales calls. People who attend shows today want to be there and are often ready to buy. In the Wybron survey more than four in ten respondents said they sometimes/often make a purchase at a trade show. 
  11. Exposure: Every business needs exposure. Especially the business that has just started, such business cannot have a platform better than a virtual trade show to provide them with sufficient exposure. You will get noticed instantly by your targeted customers and others who may be interested in your business somehow.

Additional Benefits

  • No travel, accommodation or set-up cost for your booth
  • No booth stands, lighting, props or brochure expenses
  • No productivity losses resulting from providing staff from core business activities
  • You can register and participate from the comfort of your office, home or even at the beach
  • All you need is a computer (using windows/Mac) with a broadband connection (300 kbps +) and Adobe flash player


Build your organization image and brand

Gain greater exposure to your target market – Increase Sales

Be seen as a supporter of an innovative, technologically-advanced event

Get featured in the CIATS Trade Show Marketing materials and Press Releases

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